Adult addiction treatment

The programs at Ogden Regional include detoxification, inpatient, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient treatment and aftercare. Our compassionate mental health specialists are committed to providing you with care that addresses your condition and gives you the tools needed to cope in everyday life.

If you need to talk, call our help line at (801) 479-2250.

Detox Program

Detoxification is one of the first steps and most important steps for many who are seeking relief from the crippling effects of drugs and alcohol. Our detox is an inpatient service that is provided to assist patients with the dangerous, sometimes life-threatening symptoms of withdrawal from certain drugs and/or alcohol. Patients are monitored 24 hours a day by medical staff to ensure safe and effective treatment of withdrawal and symptoms. While there is no set duration of detox, we typically see patients’ detox within 1-3 days. The amount of time the patient spends in detox is determined in consultation with the medical team.

Therapy treatment is critical after detoxification for a successful recovery. Statistics reveal that people who do not undergo therapy treatment after detox will have only a 3% chance of maintaining sobriety.

Inpatient Program

Inpatient Treatment is a level of care someone would begin to consider immediately after they have detoxed or become medically stable. In this level of care the patient lives in the hospital for the length of their treatment. Most insurance companies authorize up to 28 days. The patient is overseen 24/7 by nursing and physician care. There are 2 patients per room with a shared bathroom. Each day the patients follow an active schedule of group and individual sessions, interactive journaling, music therapy, recreational therapy, wellness groups and structured activities.

Residential Program

Residential Treatment is a level of care some patients would begin to explore after they have detoxed and are medically stable. In this level of care the patient lives in a house environment that is located in a stand-alone facility near the hospital. Each patient has their own room with either an individual or shared bathroom. The patient is overseen by 24/7 nursing and clinical staff. Each day the patient follows an active schedule of groups, individual sessions, education, and structured activities.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Partial Hospitalization Treatment (PHP) is an outpatient level of care. The patient sleeps at home and attends treatment at the hospital for 8-10 hours a day, 7 days per week. The patient is not able to work during this treatment track. Our health care professionals can assist patients with FMLA and Short-Term Disability filing if needed. Each day there is an active schedule of groups, individual sessions, education, activities and travel off campus.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) is an outpatient level of care. Patients can work and live at home while integrating treatment into their lives. Treatment is 4 days per week, either during the day or evening track, patients choose and commit to attend a track. The schedule has therapy groups, individual sessions and educational components.

  • Day Intensive Outpatient
    • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
    • 10:30am – 2:00pm
  • Evening Intensive Outpatient
    • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
    • 5:00pm – 5:30pm

Aftercare Program

We recognize that recovery is a process and not a single event. Many situations and events happen after patients have completed treatment. We offer aftercare services and an alumni program to keep patients and family engaged in recovery, even after formal treatment with us is completed. This allows patients to continue to meet with a group of treatment peers and an ACT counselor on a weekly basis.


First Steps

The first step in our process is for the patient to meet our admissions team. The team is comprised of our experienced, compassionate and dedicated therapists that want to help anyone seeking treatment with us to succeed.

You can call or email for a confidential, no obligation consultation. This is an opportunity for our intake therapist to get to know you, your substance use and life situation better. Funding sources, the goals you want to achieve and other key indicators will be explored at this time. After this we will make an appointment for you with our ACT and the options we may be able to provide you. If we determine that your needs and goals are better met elsewhere, we will provide you with required information, resources and referrals.

Why ACT for life?

When looking for recovery treatment for drugs and alcohol we know there are a lot of choices. We also know that it can be overwhelming trying to decide with so many different influences, specialties, recommendations and options. This can make finding treatment an even more difficult decision.

The reason we recommend ACT for life is simple. It is a proven program successfully treating people for longer than any other treatment center in Northern Utah. The staff of ACT are carefully chosen and selected for their dedication, passion, experience and understanding of addiction. Treatment includes not only the patient, but also the ones who love the patient. We are dedicated to bringing you the most effective and innovative treatment with the most enthusiastic and caring staff. Recovery is not a destination but rather a journey; a journey that lasts a lifetime. We want you to ACT for life!